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Fresh Jamz Five Year Anniversary is Tonight!

My man and kindred spirit DJ Delgado is celebrating the five year anniversary of Fresh Jamz with his partner, DJ Odiaka. They got a heavy lineup and they’re kicking it off early!

And to boot, Delgado got interviewed for SF Weekly. Great read on the current scene and other goodies.

See you guys there tonight – there’s a free mix in it for you and a great party for sure.

And after that, heading back to SF to check out Diamond D and The 45 Sessions gang.


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The 45 Sessions: 2 Year Anniversary

I have been going to The 45 Sessions on a consistent basis since the Hot Peas and Butta Bros. were in town, and it has been a blast. I’ve learned a lot, got to meet some great people, and enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the journey. And I have to say, last week was a special treat. Platurn and the gang were celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of The 45 Sessions (Valentine’s Edition) and invited Chungtech (Sweater Funk) and Natasha Diggs (NYC) to set the mood right. And I have to say, they couldn’t have picked a better pair to celebrate.

Without verbosity, Chungtech and Natasha killed it.

Finishing up lab and heading to Oakland

My friends and I had a great time dancing to their sets, and we were really impressed by their skills. I’m glad I got a chance to chat with Natasha before she went on deck; she’s been doing big things lately and it was a real pleasure being able to connect with her face to face. Another highlight (for me) was Platurn officially inducting me into the 45 Session family. I consider that to be a big honor especially since I’ve had a great time coming out to Oakland on a monthly basis. It’s pretty damn impressive of the 45 sesh crew to show love to their supporters in such a way.

Platurn with a special Valentine's 45 for his sweetheart

In sum, you’re really missing out on some top notch music and a great dance party if you haven’t made your way out to Oakland yet. I hope I meet you at the next one. Check out the pictures I’ve posted (all courtesy of professional photographer Mr. Andre Davis) and definitely don’t miss out on the official photos of the night taken by Jose Lim.

Chungtech and The 45 Brains

The 45 Brains and Natasha Diggs

E Da Boss on deck

VIP Status: respect to Plat for The 45 Sessions medallion

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Gems at Volume 19

I’m back in black.

It’s been about a month since the last post due to a combination of emotionally taxing personal and work related issues. In sum, this has been one of the worst months I’ve ever experienced to date. And even now I kind of find it hard to get back to my social baseline. Needless to say, the events that hit me and my family hard earlier this month have dramatically changed the way I see the world around me and have given me a new perspective on my life. Now, I feel revitalized, and my drive to succeed in all aspects of my life has shot through the roof. No more complaining and no more excuses. Just results.

And with that new drive comes hard work: I am being more productive at the lab, I am dedicating myself even more to The 45 Brains project, and I’ve been listening to tons of records (which has been therapeutic). Right now, It’s 9am and I’ve got a 45 spinning on the technics. And I’m about to update all you good folks with my last trip to The 45 Sessions in Oakland.

The heated party at The 45 Sessions: Vol. 19

This was Volume 19 of The 45 Sessions and DJs Chorizo Funk, 100proof, and Slopoke were headlining. Slopoke was actually the first San Francisco DJ I’ve ever seen spin 45s. It was within the first few months of moving out to SF, I was hanging out with some new friends in the Mission at a joint called The Attic. Slopoke was on the wheels and the man was funky. There was little space to dance but that didn’t stop the patrons. I went up on the DJ booth to tell Slopoke that I loved what he was spinning, and he gave me his business card. So of course I felt a certain sense of ‘things coming full circle’ when I saw that he was DJing at The 45 Sessions.

Steven and Moses

My friends Steven and Moses were game for a trip to Oakland and went to Disco Volante with me. We got a quick german meal beforehand (potatoes, red cabbage, sausage, and beer) and then arrived at Disco Volante to enjoy some even more delicious music. Of course, the party was already heated when we got there. One thing you’ll learn quickly about The 45 Sessions is that there’s a plethora of ladies cutting a rug, drinking, and having a great time. It’s that good of a dance party.

Essence: Black Reflections

One special addition to Volume 19 was the record sale on the second floor. There were five vendors including the homie Dave (who runs Dave’s Record Shop in Berkeley). I’ve seen Dave’s flyers at Rooky Ricardo’s and I have been trying to make it out to his shop for months now. So of course I was pleasantly surprised to see him at Volante. I flipped through his stacks and picked out about 10 records. I got a good deal from him. Actually I got a great deal because there was one record I was excited about and had to have. It was on one of my favorite labels and when i heard it, I was thrown straight into the middle of a classic blaxploitation film. A few days later I was trying to find out more info about it online and discovered that one guy was selling it for $700.

I’m glad I smelled out this rare gem and didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Dj Delgado and Sama

Another big plus was that I met Dj Delgado. After buying my records I went downstairs to enjoy the music and take some pictures. Delgado was vibing out by the stairs and we figuratively bumped into each other. He asked to see what I picked up and we went through the small stack. I bragged about how good the sound was on the Essence record (not knowing how much it was worth at the time). Delgado was recording all of the DJ sets for the night so now even you, the person who did not come out to Volume 19, can enjoy the party at home.

Great party, I learned a lot, and made some new friends. I wonder who’s lined up for next month. And now? Off to the lab.

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Hot Peas Meets The 45 Sessions

It has been a week since my short trip across the bay. My lady Nelsa was in town for a short while  (it’s always too short) and last friday we visited Oakland. We were planning on getting an early dinner, checking out the scenery, and then heading down to Disco Volante to check out The 45 Sessions. Nothing but small records all night long. I really wanted to see DJ Platurn spin in addition to Enki and E Da Boss. I’ve been keeping my ears open and I knew I had to catch these cats at work. And to boot, two top-notch DJs and 45 afficianados, Skeme Richards and Supreme La Rock aka The Butta Bros., were making a guest appearance. As for dinner, Nelsa and I had ourselves some delicious vietnamese food. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. Definitely going there again though.

Me and my ever supportive lady

After dinner, we were headed over to Disco Volante. We were there way ahead schedule so we decided to take advantage of that by ordering a few drinks and relaxing. Really though, we couldn’t afford to be fashionably late because we had to catch the last BART train home to SF. Setup was still on-going but I had a chance to catch up with Skeme before people started streaming in. We talked a little about how different the Bay area scene is from the scene in our hometown of Philadelphia. And Skeme gave me some valuable insight and advice regarding collecting records.

Philly grown Sama and Skeme Richards

It was still early, but once Platurn got on the wheels the vibe instantly kicked in. I was watching from far away, taking mental notes and vibing out as much as I could. I especially did my best to pay extra attention to what Platurn and the rest of the DJs were physically doing while they were spinning and mentally jotting down any points I could make out about transitioning from one song to the next. A lot of DJs have different styles of mixing and scratching and I’m always trying to soak up as much as I can by watching intently. It’s like I learned: observation is the first step in the scientific method and it’s also one of the three fundamentals to reaching Sherlock Holmes status. On this trip, I learned a ton about using a fine touch to extend breaks by watching Enki rip it up.

But in addition to learning, I was there to have a good time with my lady. So I danced with her, did some tops when she went to the restroom, and at the end of the night I had gotten in one quick set. And one extra nice thing about this specific 45 Session was that Raashan Ahmad was releasing a limited edition clear LP. I saw Raashan with Crown City Rockers a while back at the Independent and it was a show not to have been missed. I have to support underground hip hop so of course I picked up the LP. Overall, a great night that got me inspired to rush home, put some albums on the tables, and hop back on the digging train. Can’t wait for the next Session.

I got some photos but you really have to check out the shots that Jose Lim took!

Sama Ahmed and Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers)

Sama Ahmed and Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers)

"For What You've Lost"

Clear Edition



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Black Pancakes with Hot Peas and Butter to Boot

A new category of the 45 Brains blog is born: “Soul Ads” – a dedication to the art of soul and vinyl gigs. Not unlike album cover art, the gig poster (or flyer) gives an impression of what might be expected. Days before you arrive at the venue, you should already be primed to enjoy the show to the fullest. That is, you make a connection with the music long before you hear it.

This week there is a lot going on, with DJ M3 spinning tomorrow and friday in San Francisco and The Butta Bros. coming out to Oakland to collaborate with The 45 Sessions. I have personally seen and heard M3 and Skeme spin and they are sure to move a crowd. With them, it’s not just music, it’s an experience. You need to be there to understand what I’m talking about.


Flow at Harlot on Thursday, 18 August 2011


Black Pancakes at John Collins on Friday, 19 August 2011


The 45 Sessions w/ The Hot Peas and Butter Crew at Disco Volante on Saturday, 20 August 2011

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