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HAL 4500: Promo Poster

I have been working too much these last few weeks and it is only going to get worse in the coming months. And whenever I feel that work is taking over my life, I react by pushing back creatively. Yesterday, I was in lab until 1am and when I finally finished my workload, I spent two hours on this promo poster for The 45 Brains. Nothing too fancy but some thought did go into it. Basically, as The Juggernaut Database grows, I get more and more inspiration. For this particular poster, called HAL 4500, each record is ordered alphabetically by artist from the outside-going-in and no record label is repeated. Zoom in and maybe you might recognize a few songs.

Hope you like it. If you want a copy (18×24) then post a comment on or email me at I’m only printing a handful though.


HAL 4500

edit [3/23/12]: reduced poster size for faster viewing


Black Pancakes with Hot Peas and Butter to Boot

A new category of the 45 Brains blog is born: “Soul Ads” – a dedication to the art of soul and vinyl gigs. Not unlike album cover art, the gig poster (or flyer) gives an impression of what might be expected. Days before you arrive at the venue, you should already be primed to enjoy the show to the fullest. That is, you make a connection with the music long before you hear it.

This week there is a lot going on, with DJ M3 spinning tomorrow and friday in San Francisco and The Butta Bros. coming out to Oakland to collaborate with The 45 Sessions. I have personally seen and heard M3 and Skeme spin and they are sure to move a crowd. With them, it’s not just music, it’s an experience. You need to be there to understand what I’m talking about.


Flow at Harlot on Thursday, 18 August 2011


Black Pancakes at John Collins on Friday, 19 August 2011


The 45 Sessions w/ The Hot Peas and Butter Crew at Disco Volante on Saturday, 20 August 2011

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