The 45 Sessions: 2 Year Anniversary

I have been going to The 45 Sessions on a consistent basis since the Hot Peas and Butta Bros. were in town, and it has been a blast. I’ve learned a lot, got to meet some great people, and enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the journey. And I have to say, last week was a special treat. Platurn and the gang were celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of The 45 Sessions (Valentine’s Edition) and invited Chungtech (Sweater Funk) and Natasha Diggs (NYC) to set the mood right. And I have to say, they couldn’t have picked a better pair to celebrate.

Without verbosity, Chungtech and Natasha killed it.

Finishing up lab and heading to Oakland

My friends and I had a great time dancing to their sets, and we were really impressed by their skills. I’m glad I got a chance to chat with Natasha before she went on deck; she’s been doing big things lately and it was a real pleasure being able to connect with her face to face. Another highlight (for me) was Platurn officially inducting me into the 45 Session family. I consider that to be a big honor especially since I’ve had a great time coming out to Oakland on a monthly basis. It’s pretty damn impressive of the 45 sesh crew to show love to their supporters in such a way.

Platurn with a special Valentine's 45 for his sweetheart

In sum, you’re really missing out on some top notch music and a great dance party if you haven’t made your way out to Oakland yet. I hope I meet you at the next one. Check out the pictures I’ve posted (all courtesy of professional photographer Mr. Andre Davis) and definitely don’t miss out on the official photos of the night taken by Jose Lim.

Chungtech and The 45 Brains

The 45 Brains and Natasha Diggs

E Da Boss on deck

VIP Status: respect to Plat for The 45 Sessions medallion

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