The 45 Brains is an adventure.

I am detailing my intense love and fascination with the 45 rpm record, aka “The 45”, and all of the ideas it represents and exemplifies. Recently, I have shunned the digital music world and have moved almost exclusively to collecting, researching, and learning about vinyl records. The mission is simple: I’m on a quest to understand the Analog Sound, with emphasis on the 45 as a vehicle for learning about the history of soul music.

My pedigree has set the stage for this transformation. I grew up in Philly, a city renowned for its deep roots in soul and funk music, where for five years, I paid dues to the Philadelphia bboy community. I soaked up as much knowledge about the dance as I could before moving to San Francisco in 2009, when a major switch occurred.

Musically speaking, the Bay Area was a breath of fresh air. The number of record shops on Haight street alone was indicative of a new lifestyle. I was on my own for the first time and I wanted to create. But more than anything I wanted to learn about the music I grew to love and dance to in Philly.

And with that, I welcome you.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.

Sama, student

Also known as Columbo Ahmed, Saul Drumm, and The 45 Brains

Feel free to email me at 45brains@gmail.com

Dedicated to the memory of Robert “Bobby” Mozia


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