Gems at Volume 19

I’m back in black.

It’s been about a month since the last post due to a combination of emotionally taxing personal and work related issues. In sum, this has been one of the worst months I’ve ever experienced to date. And even now I kind of find it hard to get back to my social baseline. Needless to say, the events that hit me and my family hard earlier this month have dramatically changed the way I see the world around me and have given me a new perspective on my life. Now, I feel revitalized, and my drive to succeed in all aspects of my life has shot through the roof. No more complaining and no more excuses. Just results.

And with that new drive comes hard work: I am being more productive at the lab, I am dedicating myself even more to The 45 Brains project, and I’ve been listening to tons of records (which has been therapeutic). Right now, It’s 9am and I’ve got a 45 spinning on the technics. And I’m about to update all you good folks with my last trip to The 45 Sessions in Oakland.

The heated party at The 45 Sessions: Vol. 19

This was Volume 19 of The 45 Sessions and DJs Chorizo Funk, 100proof, and Slopoke were headlining. Slopoke was actually the first San Francisco DJ I’ve ever seen spin 45s. It was within the first few months of moving out to SF, I was hanging out with some new friends in the Mission at a joint called The Attic. Slopoke was on the wheels and the man was funky. There was little space to dance but that didn’t stop the patrons. I went up on the DJ booth to tell Slopoke that I loved what he was spinning, and he gave me his business card. So of course I felt a certain sense of ‘things coming full circle’ when I saw that he was DJing at The 45 Sessions.

Steven and Moses

My friends Steven and Moses were game for a trip to Oakland and went to Disco Volante with me. We got a quick german meal beforehand (potatoes, red cabbage, sausage, and beer) and then arrived at Disco Volante to enjoy some even more delicious music. Of course, the party was already heated when we got there. One thing you’ll learn quickly about The 45 Sessions is that there’s a plethora of ladies cutting a rug, drinking, and having a great time. It’s that good of a dance party.

Essence: Black Reflections

One special addition to Volume 19 was the record sale on the second floor. There were five vendors including the homie Dave (who runs Dave’s Record Shop in Berkeley). I’ve seen Dave’s flyers at Rooky Ricardo’s and I have been trying to make it out to his shop for months now. So of course I was pleasantly surprised to see him at Volante. I flipped through his stacks and picked out about 10 records. I got a good deal from him. Actually I got a great deal because there was one record I was excited about and had to have. It was on one of my favorite labels and when i heard it, I was thrown straight into the middle of a classic blaxploitation film. A few days later I was trying to find out more info about it online and discovered that one guy was selling it for $700.

I’m glad I smelled out this rare gem and didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Dj Delgado and Sama

Another big plus was that I met Dj Delgado. After buying my records I went downstairs to enjoy the music and take some pictures. Delgado was vibing out by the stairs and we figuratively bumped into each other. He asked to see what I picked up and we went through the small stack. I bragged about how good the sound was on the Essence record (not knowing how much it was worth at the time). Delgado was recording all of the DJ sets for the night so now even you, the person who did not come out to Volume 19, can enjoy the party at home.

Great party, I learned a lot, and made some new friends. I wonder who’s lined up for next month. And now? Off to the lab.

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7 thoughts on “Gems at Volume 19

  1. Gogz says:

    Hi love the web site like to hear what you’ve been up to dj’ing/digging and what new 45’s you been buying as for the essence track it is a great track a promo sold on e-bay at the beginning of the month for $8.50 you can check under completed listings for items sold this month as for the guy on e-bay selling it for $700 he is obviously an idiot
    Cheers Gogz

    • Sama says:

      Yooo thanks for reading the blog. Much respect and appreciation. I’ll keep updating it with stories from the scene as I discover my way through it.

      As for the Essence record: yup – a VG copy sold on ebay for 8.50 earlier and that guy selling for $700 is nuts (or it could be a typo??) haha. I think the record prices between 20-60 depending on condition.

      But regardless of cash value – I got this record for the sound. I’ve got a few expensive gems in the collection but I bought all of them with the same attitude I buy the cheapies. If I don’t love it or can see potential for it I’m not getting it. No Filler haha! So in that case – this Essence joint is a gem in my book. great funky funky track.

      yo Gogz where can I keep up with you? Thanks for the comment!

  2. Gogz says:

    Hi i was on the 45 sessions facebook page got a link from there to 45 brains page then from there to your website i always enjoy discovering new funk/soul/dj/45s websites anyway was reading about how you just discovered hey joyce i first heard it about 12 years ago on dj shadows & cut chemists brainfreeze mix cd if you have not already heard it i would recommend it there is also a dvd of the brainfreeze show.

    As for me i quit djing a long time ago just got back into buying 45s in the last year so have no webpage but am on facebook under Gordon grieve my real name.

    Cheers Gogz

    • Sama says:

      watup Gogz!

      found you on fb. I’m glad you stumbled upon The 45 Brains and I hope you find it useful or at least entertaining. Def check out because I update that almost daily with music I find or info from the scene.

      Glad you’re getting back into it and for diggin up those 45 gems. For sure let me know what you find!

      I’ve heard bits online of the brainfreeze show but I def haven’t checked out the full mix. on that right now – thanks man!

  3. DJ Slopoke says:

    Good looking on the blog. See you at the next one.

  4. […] proud to be spinning alongside The Funky Cabron tomorrow at Monarch. Slopoke was the first 45 slinger I saw when I first moved to San Francisco and was an instant inspiration for me. Come check us […]

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