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Afro A Gogo

Once a year, my housemates and I throw a party. We break out the BBQ pit, my man Moses works that beverage magic, my brother Gabe delights us with some obscure footage projected on our wall 9 feet across, and I buy a crap ton of spray paint for our guests to go wild.

We really can’t throw this party more often if we tried. But it’s that time again!

Here’s the flyer I cranked out for it. Thanks to Beto, M.Ake, Slopoke, and Dew for coming through to play us some tunes. Can’t wait!

And as some of you know, I love posters and I’m always looking for reasons to design a few. Feel free to contact me with ideas/events/gigs that you need a poster or flyer for. I need to keep the razor sharp.



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