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I just finished putting together the 45Brains facebook page. I will mostly use it for quick updates and mini adventures; anything that doesn’t really fit here at the main site. I will update people about anything 45 related that comes my way. That includes gigs you should check out, new additions to the collection, record sales, podcasts, etc.

But my favorite part is going to be this: I will be putting up youtube links to songs that I either have at home or am currently hunting for. The way that I see it, if we’re going to talk music then we might as well listen too. Of course, I realize the quality of sound that I’m referring you to on youtube is nothing compared to the sound I get at home. In fact, it’s incomparable. And you may already know the obvious reasons why. But in reality, it’s a deep issue that needs to be hashed out fully and I will try to do it justice at a later time. For now, just tune in to the facebook page and listen. I hope you Like This.

Not to mention you can follow 45Brains on twitter.

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