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The Payback Vol. 6 with DJ Mendoza!


Can’t wait to drop a few new Xmas gems I just picked up. And Dj M.Ake is expected to stop by and get a few sets in with Mendoza and me! Looking forward to rock this holiday!

The Payback Vol 6

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Recap of The Payback Vol. 2 with DJ M.Ake

The August 10 party was a great time. Special thanks to Miles, a.k.a. DJ M.Ake, who really made the party! The man has a massive collection of oldies tunes and more than twice the energy to back it up. The crowd loved what they were hearing and they obviously had a great time.

To boot, I played some footage of my favorite detective series, Columbo, which confused and intrigued some people. I also took some photos earlier in the night but once the Columbo footage went up and the lights were dimmed, I decided not to ruin the party with the obnoxious flash. Instead, I danced with the party-goers and enjoyed myself like everyone else! Throwing a party is hard work and I forget to just have fun sometimes.

But near the end, I did manage to capture some of that fun on video.

Stay tuned for next month’s Payback on September 14!

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The Payback Vol. 2 with Guest DJ M.Ake

The Payback is back on! This month we have special guest DJ M.Ake bringing a fantastic mix of oldies tunes. You’ve probably heard M.Ake over at John Colins with his DJ partner Beto. Their event, “The Long Long Summer“, is a great time if you want a sharp drink and fun music for your listening (or dancing!) pleasure.

And to combine my love of music, dancing, and classic films, I will showcase some classic detective flicks on the big screen. Come out this friday and check it out! Bound to be a good time.

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