Back from Hiatus with Volume 4 featuring DJ Reggae Delgado

Well it sure has been some time and I do miss this space. Life took a turn for the busy so I took a few weeks off to get my act together and refocus. Nothing like taking a step back from writing to actually take a look at what I have accomplished and what has been roasting on the back burners. I have been investing a lot of energy behind the scenes trying to make sure that The Payback has enough legs to stand on its own. And it has been quite the energy sink. Four months running though and the party is jamming. For Volume 4, we have my good friend DJ Reggae Delgado lined up, the very same man who killed it at the reggae edition of The 45 Sessions last month. I am excited to have him spin with us over at our humble starting grounds at The Monarch Lounge!

Here’s the flyer for this month and a video featuring some footage from the September Payback with DJ Beto.

Delgado and I had a collaboration called #45Fridays way back so make sure to check that when you get a chance.

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The Payback Vol. 3 with Guest DJ Beto


What else can I say? It’s the third round of The Payback. This time I got special guest DJ Beto helping out; Beto is partner of last Payback’s DJ M.Ake and a soul, funk, and RnB guru in his own right. If you’ve been to The Long Long Summer then you know This is one nice dude with some great records. I can’t wait to hear what he will serve up.

And oh what secret footage will appear on the big screen? Find out September 14.

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Recap of The Payback Vol. 2 with DJ M.Ake

The August 10 party was a great time. Special thanks to Miles, a.k.a. DJ M.Ake, who really made the party! The man has a massive collection of oldies tunes and more than twice the energy to back it up. The crowd loved what they were hearing and they obviously had a great time.

To boot, I played some footage of my favorite detective series, Columbo, which confused and intrigued some people. I also took some photos earlier in the night but once the Columbo footage went up and the lights were dimmed, I decided not to ruin the party with the obnoxious flash. Instead, I danced with the party-goers and enjoyed myself like everyone else! Throwing a party is hard work and I forget to just have fun sometimes.

But near the end, I did manage to capture some of that fun on video.

Stay tuned for next month’s Payback on September 14!

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The Payback Vol. 2 with Guest DJ M.Ake

The Payback is back on! This month we have special guest DJ M.Ake bringing a fantastic mix of oldies tunes. You’ve probably heard M.Ake over at John Colins with his DJ partner Beto. Their event, “The Long Long Summer“, is a great time if you want a sharp drink and fun music for your listening (or dancing!) pleasure.

And to combine my love of music, dancing, and classic films, I will showcase some classic detective flicks on the big screen. Come out this friday and check it out! Bound to be a good time.

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The 45 Brains: Year One

A year has passed since I started journaling this adventure and now it is time to thoughtfully reflect. I have gained a lot, learned more, and lost an unfathomable amount. And fortunately, I have made some new friends along the say.

Project-wise, The 45 Brains has been a busy place. The goal for this past year was to learn as much as I could about music through the vehicle of the 45 rpm record. To that end, I did my best to attend as many DJ events and parties as I could; The 45 Sessions was instrumental in that vein among a few other parties. I also tried to pick as many brains as possible. I learned a lot from chatting with people like DJ Lucky, Primo, Nick Waterhouse, Skeme Richards, and the man who has become my mentor, Dick Vivian of Rooky Ricardo’s. And to flex my research muscles, I started a collaboration called #45Fridays with friend and fellow collector Reggae Delgado and I began writing 45 spotlights for Hot Peas and Butter, a true honor.

But most importantly, I bought a ton of records to learn from.  Over the last year and a half, I spent about 11% of my annual income on this adventure. That is, one out of every ten dollars I earned was funneled into The 45 Brains. It’s not too bad though because sooner or later it will pay for itself, and become sustainable. Although I’m currently seeing red.

And with such a monetary investment comes a massive time commitment to match. I started The Juggernaut Database as a system to catalog and learn about the records I procure, and it has been grueling. The JD is by far the most demanding aspect of this journey and I am glad I chose an adequate name to describe it. I am no where near a completion point.

But I anticipate that folks will be keen to see that hard work pays off. These are people who took a chance on me. I especially want to thank DJ M3 (owner of Black Pancake Records) for letting me spin at his club’s grand opening in December and then again to kick off the new year. I truly appreciate the support, sponsorship, and teachings of this man. And to pay him back, I recently started a monthly party called The Payback at Monarch, a party that I have big plans for. I also want to thank DJ Lucky for inviting me to spin with him at Slow Jamz, DJ Keybumps for letting me open his event, Soul Stax, and to DJ Primo for inviting me to spin with him this friday at Oldies Night. And of course to DJ T.O.D. who gave me my debut gig at Koko’s and to all my friends (old and new!) who keep coming to see me play records, dancing, and supporting.

This friday with DJs Daniel and Primo (flyer by Primo)

And undoubtedly, I have learned the most from Dick Vivian who has become a very close friend. Him and I have collaborated on a a number of projects (all of which were his ideas) under the name Get Sama Dick (also his idea). We have played records together at different events but our favorite have to be the soul parties at the Verdi Club, organized by Dusty Stax and The Bold Italic. I’ve learned a lot from Dick and I hope to continue on that route.

But as I have said, this past year has been rife with loss. Five key people have stepped out of my life. This past year is for them, and more; I will always think of you. With a wholehearted love, I dedicate myself to the memory of the times we have shared together. And I look forward to a (hopefully) fantastic new year.

Enter: Here begins…

The 45 Brains: Year Two.

Tomorrow: Summer Soul Friday Night

For the third time straight, The Dynamic Duo Known Only as ‘Get Sama Dick’ will be spinning records at the Verdi Club for the seasonally-inspired party that always sells out.

Dusty Stax & The Bold Italic Present: Summer Soul Friday Night. 

That’s right folks, it’s tomorrow night. And if you haven’t bought your tickets yet then I think you may be out of luck. The show has sold out, as it has both times before.

I have taken photos of the Dusty Stax + Bold Italic collaborations before (Winter and Spring), but for my personal collection. However, this time I’m on board as an official photographer for the night. It should be an exciting challenge to get some top notch pics!

Very proud and honored to see one of my photos featured on the event page.


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Success: The Payback is a Go

First, thanks to everyone who made it out to Monarch last night to jam with us! We had a great time dancing and enjoying the music and I’m looking forward to more in the future. And second, major props to DJ Keybumps for the great selection of tunes! I had a blast last night listening to him spin and I know many patrons did. The last hour was especially fun since the room was packed with dancers, including a special guest appearance by DJ Primo (Oldies Night) who hilariously battled my friend Ben.

But due to the hectic running around and anxiety that comes with throwing a new event, I made a mistake; I forgot to bring my heavy duty camera. Regardless, I took about a dozen shots with my handy point-and-shoot and these five shots (below) were the least blurry. I’m only marginally upset I didn’t get any shots of the dance floor near the end of the night. Next time for sure.

Look out for the next Payback on August 10!


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The Start of The Payback

I’m starting a new dance party at The Monarch Lounge called The Payback. A once-a-month soul and funk jam for you and your partner. Dj Keybumps will be joining me on the decks to kick this event off with style. And of course we’ll only be playing those sweet little singles we have grown to love here at The 45 Brains.

Here’s the first of a series of posters made by yours truly:

The Payback: July 13

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Happy 25 Years to Rooky Ricardo’s

This year’s June 6 marked the 25th year anniversary of Rooky Ricardo’s Records, the Lower Haight record shop owned by my good friend and mentor Dick Vivian. It was also the record release party for Nick Waterhouse who, before me, was also inspired by Dick. And that inspiration has Nick doing great things in the music world. It was wonderful listening to The Viv talk about how proud he was to see Nick on stage doing what he loves best. And it was more awesome to see the both of them on stage together. Check out the video!

Dick, like his shop, are still going strong and haven’t lost a beat. Here’s to 25 more years.

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In Memory of B

This past Sunday was what would have been the 25th birthday of my brother Bobby Mozia, who passed away a few months ago. It was a special day for a lot of us who were, and still are, close to him. And in keeping with the epic lifestyle that he lived, his birthday just so happened to be the same day as “Bay to Breakers”, one of San Francisco’s massive citywide parties. I could not help but feel that everyone was celebrating something special and doing their best to enjoy life. And to make me smile even more, there also happened to be a solar eclipse on the same day. I know that Bobby would have given some fantastic speech about how the moon, the sun, and the entire city of San Francisco are celebrating his birth. He always had that kind of enthusiasm and love for the outrageous.

Still thinking of you daily B.
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