Success: The Payback is a Go

First, thanks to everyone who made it out to Monarch last night to jam with us! We had a great time dancing and enjoying the music and I’m looking forward to more in the future. And second, major props to DJ Keybumps for the great selection of tunes! I had a blast last night listening to him spin and I know many patrons did. The last hour was especially fun since the room was packed with dancers, including a special guest appearance by DJ Primo (Oldies Night) who hilariously battled my friend Ben.

But due to the hectic running around and anxiety that comes with throwing a new event, I made a mistake; I forgot to bring my heavy duty camera. Regardless, I took about a dozen shots with my handy point-and-shoot and these five shots (below) were the least blurry. I’m only marginally upset I didn’t get any shots of the dance floor near the end of the night. Next time for sure.

Look out for the next Payback on August 10!


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