Dusty Stax and The Bold Italic: The Spring Fling Dance

Lately, work has been sucking me dry but in a good way; I’m finally working on my own baby and I’m going to push myself to see it through to completion. But because I am tackling this monster by working harder, I have not had time to enjoy the rest of my life to the fullest. But I must say that The 45 Brains is still alive and well. I have not stopped hunting for music and ideas. And taking lots of photos along the way.

The shots you see below are from one fun night. Once again, Dusty Stax and The Bold Italic collaborated to throw a top notch 60’s party. The first one was in December to which Dick and I were invited to combine our efforts and provide some good tunes to complement the band. And that we did. We had a great time and we were invited back to play little records for Part II: The Spring Fling Dance. I got there early and dropped an easy 90-minute funk set to open for the band. And then Dick and I got on at midnight and brought everyone home with some sweet, sweet soul and girl group action. The crowd was dancing, having a good time, and looking great.

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5 thoughts on “Dusty Stax and The Bold Italic: The Spring Fling Dance

  1. Viola Booth says:

    Great shots! Great evening. Thanks for posting! You and your peeps should come see our new 11-piece 60’s 70’s R n B, Soul, Early Rock, and Epic Ballad project play The Knockout on Thursday, April 19th. Horn section, backup singers, Orange tube amp w/Fender guitar, and me on vocals. It’s gonna be hot, I guarantee you. Check out the band tumblr for some sights and a few sounds.

  2. […] have taken photos of the Dusty Stax + Bold Italic collaborations before (Winter and Spring), but for my personal collection. However, this time I’m on board as an official photographer […]

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