HAL 4500: Promo Poster

I have been working too much these last few weeks and it is only going to get worse in the coming months. And whenever I feel that work is taking over my life, I react by pushing back creatively. Yesterday, I was in lab until 1am and when I finally finished my workload, I spent two hours on this promo poster for The 45 Brains. Nothing too fancy but some thought did go into it. Basically, as The Juggernaut Database grows, I get more and more inspiration. For this particular poster, called HAL 4500, each record is ordered alphabetically by artist from the outside-going-in and no record label is repeated. Zoom in and maybe you might recognize a few songs.

Hope you like it. If you want a copy (18×24) then post a comment on facebook.com/45brains or email me at 45brains@gmail.com. I’m only printing a handful though.


HAL 4500

edit [3/23/12]: reduced poster size for faster viewing


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