Buchanan & Goodman: The Flying Saucer

Here’s one of the first records I bought when I first jumped into the vinyl scene. This isn’t your typical 45, so before you keep reading, just click on the embedded youtube video and hear it out.

If you are like me, then the record probably reminded you of the infamous War of Worlds radio broadcast of 1938, in which Orson Welles narrated a series of “real-time news alerts” about a Martian invasion. As history tells it, the next day, people freaked. But Buchanan (the news radio broadcaster in “The Flying Saucer”) and Goodman (John Cameron-Cameron) had something else in mind.

The Flying Saucer” (1956) is much more of a fun and jumpy sample collection than anything serious or even playable (honestly, I get a headache if I listen to it twice in one sitting). But it was still worth the buy. I didn’t know what I would do with the record when I got it. In fact, I still don’t know. It hasn’t done much but collect dust over the last year. But, even now, I can still feel that it has a lot of creative potential. No doubt I will take bits of it here and there and use them for one of my upcoming projects.

So… Duck back in the alley!

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