The Eddy Jacobs Exchange: Pull My Coat

This here is a classic bboy joint I used to dance to in Philly. Actually, I still jam to it here in SF even though it’s in the “memorized” section of my playlist. The reason I picked this record for #45Fridays is simply because my good friend Dick Vivian, owner of Rooky Ricardo’s, gave it to me as a gift, not because it was the holidays, but because he knew I would like it.

I have tons of respect and love for Dick; he has unofficially taken me under his wing as a student, and he truly cares and looks out for me. Not to mention that he can tell a story like no other that’ll have me cracking up all night.

And that’s that. I wish all of you readers have a lovely beginning to the new year. I hope 2012 really takes care of you and that you hit the ground running to reach your future goals. I, for one, will be kicking off the first two hours of 2012 by spinning 45s at the Monarch Lounge.

And as a way to finish off 2011, I would like to give a proper thanks to everyone who has been actively following The 45 Brains, supporting my adventure and the blog, giving me feedback, and for making it out to see me spin. Special shout outs to Nelsa, Gabe, Moses, Bryan, Steven Gee, my whole lab (especially the lovely ladies Liz, Pu, Cindy, and Shifu), Dick Vivian, the Nostalgia King aka Skeme Richards, M3, Platurn, the homie DJ Delgado, and the Control Freaks. You have no idea how much all of your support means to me. And I’m sure I’m forgetting more people – please forgive me, it’s late and I have been working since 8am, but you know I appreciate you.

NYE @Monarch w/Saul Drumm aka The 45 Brains

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One thought on “The Eddy Jacobs Exchange: Pull My Coat

  1. […] Records) for letting me spin at his club’s grand opening in December and then again to kick off the new year. I truly appreciate the support, sponsorship, and teachings of this man. And to pay him back, I […]

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