Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I Hear Voices

I got a major exam today so I thought I’d make today’s entry a quick one.

A few months back I was at amoeba (I was record binging during that time) and I saw this well designed cover with a great title and a trippy photograph of this macabre dressed brother. Needless to say, I had to get it.

I got home right away to listen to it, and I remember feeling very confused about how I felt about the record. I can’t say I fell in love with the song “I Hear Voices”, and I couldn’t imagine playing it anywhere outside of my room, or maybe at a halloween party. Regardless, the record was a good intro to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. I read up a little on the man and found out that he was a big influence on rock and roll and that he really pushed musicians to take showmanship to a new level. He was quite the character as you can guess.

Take a listen to the more familiar “I Put a Spell on You”, which is as full of grunts, smacks, bumps, moans, and maniacal laughs as “I Hear Voices”.

Apparently he named his skull-cane “Henry”.

Two more things: (1) Today is the holiday edition of The 45 Sessions w/DJ Sake One. I’ll be celebrating finishing my exam at Disco Volante so come through. (2) If you haven’t, go check out last week’s #45Friday entry by my man Delgado. Tons of good info on a song I’ve always loved.


2 thoughts on “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I Hear Voices

  1. delgado says:

    Great record! Screamin Jay Hawkins was one of my dad’s favorites… he said he saw Hawkins perform live when my dad was in his teens and Hawkins started the concert off by being rolled onto stage in a coffin and emerging from it. Pretty crazy stuff for the time! It also may have been the start of my dad’s lifelong voodoo nightmares.
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Sama says:

    very very bizarre stuff right?! that must have been a crazy concert haha

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